Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

  • Refund eligibility depends on the cancellation notice period:

    • 31+ days: 50% refund or full credit for another day.

    • 15-30 days: 25% refund or full credit for another day.

    • 1-14 days: No refund, but you may reschedule.

What are the pickup and drop-off times?

  • Pickup is between 8-9 am.[you can come later]

  • Drop-off: is before sundown (around 6 pm).

Can I take the UTVs on outlaw trails?

  • UTVs cannot be taken on outlaw trails. and not on the black Trails either

Can I keep the rental overnight?

  • Yes, you can keep multi-day rentals overnight, but no riding is permitted after 6 pm.

Are there any passenger restrictions?

  • All passengers must be 6 years or older on the Hatfield McCoy Trails. and wear a helmet.

Is there a security deposit required?

  • Yes, a $1,500 security deposit is required and will be pre-authorized on your credit card. It will be released within 24 hours after the machine is returned in The same condition.

Additional  FAQ

Are there any restrictions on where I can ride?

  • You are only permitted to ride on the green and blue Hatfield McCoy Trails. Riding on outlaw trails is prohibited and will result in the loss of your deposit and additional charges.

Am I responsible for any damages?

  • You are responsible for the first $2,500 of damage. Insurance covers damages exceeding $5,000, but you may be responsible for the deductible.


What is included with the rental?

  • The rental includes a trail map, helmets and goggles for all riders, and a full tank of gas. {you need to fill it back up with 93 premium gas] 

Do I need to clean the machine before returning it?

  • Rentals are provided clean and should be returned in the same condition. A cleaning fee of $75 will apply if not cleaned. There is a car wash nearby for your convenience.

Do you have direct access to the trail?

Yes, you can ride from our location to the trailhead it's like 5 miles  and you are permitted to drive it on the road [only to the trailhead]

Do you rent out to beginners?

Yes, and please ask us for a quick tutorial before you zoom off... 

Why Should I book from Bluewell ATV?

1) Because we have the lowest price in town!

2) we have windshields! and nets to keep you safe.

3) no hidden fees,

4)We provide maps goggles and Helmets free of charge!

5) 2024 Top notch machines.

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